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Economic Social Legal Pathways (“ESLP”) is a non-profit multidisciplinary, collaborative organization that provides a continuum of services, advocacy, and produces research, research-based policy prescriptions, and curricular innovation on the most challenging poverty, homelessness, civil rights, education, criminal justice, family and economic security, immigration and healthcare issues facing California and the United States.

In 2013, Sharam Kohan launched Economic Social Legal Pathways at Harvard University with a mission to engage the most difficult topics in a wide range of legal and public policy subject areas, providing valuable intellectual capital to public and private sector leaders, the media and the general public, while advancing scholarly understanding. Central to its methods are concerted efforts to build bridges connecting the world of research with the world of civic action and policy debate so that each informs the other. In 2015, ESLP was registered with the Secretary of State of California as a non-profit charitable organization.