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ESI, Esi, or esi may refer to:

Usage examples of "esi".

Aside from Go Nogo, the only other name I caught was that of his chief advisor, Itso Esi, a squat fellow with a scowl that went even deeper than that of Go Nogo.

It didn't seem to me that Esi had any personal agenda in the way that Nogo obviously did.

I worked closely with Itso Esi, who, for all his officiousness, was an efficient enough fellow.

Every so often he would nod, which pleased Itso Esi no end, and he would veer off onto another "incredibly important" topic.

But Itso Esi had volunteered to show me how to write "One square equals ten feet" for me, and I had then meticulously copied what he'd written onto the plans.

Itso Esi had obviously understood that all too well, and realized he could booby-trap me with impunity.

But no, it was merely the Imperior's councilors, with Itso Esi leading the way.

They remained that way until I bowed in response, and then Itso Esi said, "I must say, honorable Po, on behalf of the council.

I was overjoyed when Esi, like Anna and myself, was appointed to the Human Directorate of the Galactic Concilium.