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n. The name of the IPA symbol '''ʃ'''.

Esh (letter)

Esh ( majuscule: Ʃ Unicode U+01A9, minuscule: ʃ Unicode U+0283) is a character used in conjunction with the Latin script. Its lowercase form ʃ is similar to a long s ſ  or an integral sign ∫; in 1928 the Africa Alphabet borrowed the Greek letter Sigma for the uppercase form Ʃ, but more recently the African reference alphabet discontinued it, using the lowercase esh only. The lowercase form was introduced by Isaac Pitman in his 1847 Phonotypic Alphabet to represent the voiceless postalveolar fricative (English sh). It is today used in the International Phonetic Alphabet, as well as in the alphabets of some African languages.


Esh may refer to:

  • Esh, County Durham, a village in England
  • Esh (letter), a character used in conjunction with the Latin alphabet

The initials ESH may refer to:

  • the IATA airport code for Shoreham Airport
  • the ISO 3166-1 alpha-3 code for Western Sahara
  • initials used to designate Ellen Segal Huvelle in the US District Court in Washington DC.
  • The European Society of Hypertension

Usage examples of "esh".

Sitting about ten rows ahead and across the aisle was Von Esh, the unreliable informer.

Groucho had worked his way around to the opposite aisle and then out of the chapel, Von Esh was trotting toward the crest of a hill.

Brulet, Van Esh, Farmer, Ponteau, Regnault, and Rosenberg cite instances of reunion of a digit after amputation or severance.

Through the research of an Israeli scholar, Shaul Esh, it is now known that the deputation tried to head off demonstrations in New York and Palestine.