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He would find Esen and the rest of Her kind, even though they could travel through space, hide in any form, or rip apart a starship as casually as he might peel a piece of fruit.

Esolesy Ki the Lishcyn but not the Esen of my core, warming the surrounding air slightly with the exothermic result, exulting in the expansion of sensation and relief of effort as my molecular self assumed its true configuration: the teardrop web-form of my kind.

The Web of Esen would protect what lived, not hoard the past to itself.

Timri had served on a Tly warship, part of the blockade on Inhaven attacked by the Esen Monster fifty years ago, ship after ship sent drifting into the dark, all life within consumed.

Sas was apparently the only living being, besides Kearn himself, to see this Esen Monster in person.

And the Esen Monster had been there with him, in her clever disguise as a harmless, concerned passenger.

Ag-413 was the location of the final recorded sighting of the Esen Monster, and its supposed destruction by the Kraal.

Paul and I sat side-by-side, backs against the wall, our feet resting on discarded Esen bits, panting companionably.

The Human had thoughtfully left an inconspicuous gap in the top fastener and carried this ensemble of Esen, clothing, and bag with irreproachable care.

At first, Timri had refuted any connection, having witnessed the destruction caused by the Esen Monster in space and convinced it had nothing in common with another old tale.

I was alone now, and had to deal with my current crisis as only Esen could.

I loosed my hold on this treacherous form, assimilating their mass into more of the true Esen, the real Esen.

Feneden have taken the search for the Esen Monster into their own hands.

On the other hand, if Human, the figure was half again taller than Esen as Bess.

What is it about the Esen Monster that could draw such loyalty from someone like Ragem?