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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ If they had climbed down the side of the escarpment he had no doubt that she would not have made it.
▪ In southern Britain there are many such sudden changes mainly between clay lowlands and escarpments of chalk or oolitic limestone.
▪ It is possible that a similar flexural effect is associated with great escarpments along passive continental margins.
▪ Starch, unable to stop, slid 20 feet to the edge of an escarpment.
▪ The cars turned toward the Alabama Hills, a small range of barren rises at the foot of the Sierra escarpment.
▪ The outward journey was quite uneventful as far as the Wadi Tamit, a steep defile leading down the escarpment on to the coastal plain.
▪ Three cavalry companies gave pursuit, but were scattered when the warriors turned to defend a lava escarpment.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Escarpment \Es*carp"ment\, n. [Cf. F. escarpement.] A steep descent or declivity; steep face or edge of a ridge; ground about a fortified place, cut away nearly vertically to prevent hostile approach. See Scarp.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1802, from French escarpment, from escarper "make into a steep slope," from escarpe "slope," from Italian scarpa (see scarp). Earlier in same sense was escarp.


n. A steep descent or declivity; steep face or edge of a ridge; ground about a fortified place, cut away nearly vertically to prevent hostile approach.

  1. n. a long steep slope or cliff at the edge of a plateau or ridge; usually formed by erosion [syn: scarp]

  2. a steep artificial slope in front of a fortification [syn: escarp, scarp, protective embankment]


An escarpment is a steep slope or long cliff that forms as an effect of faulting or erosion and separates two relatively level areas of differing elevations. Usually escarpment is used interchangeably with scarp (from the Italianscarpa, shoe). But some sources differentiate the two terms, where escarpment refers to the margin between two landforms, while scarp is synonymous with a cliff or steep slope. The surface of the steep slope is called a scarp face.

Usage examples of "escarpment".

The northern shore was cliffy, and inland from the escarpments the forested hillside was broken by deep gullies.

But directly underneath the steep escarpment of rock on the far side of the pool it lay foamless and black, a still backwater of great depth.

Galee is geised to aid Bellocar and seeks a way to shatter the escarpment, or barring that to widen that narrow pass the Nakesht use in the south wall to slip through onto the plains, the one they call the Gate of the Hellgod.

It was about two hundred miles south-south-east of Tripoli, just below the Hamada el Hamra, the big stony desert escarpment north of the Sahara proper.

The weather on the Escarpment was often violent, with katabatic winds rushing downslope and colliding with the Syrtis trade winds to create tall fast red tornadoes, or onslaughts of gritty hail.

Bonnemaison, employed in repairing roads, observed that rabbits, when hotly pursued by the sportsman, ran into a hole which they had burrowed in a talus of small fragments of limestone and earthy matter lodged in a depression on the face of a steep escarpment of nummulitic limestone which forms the bank of a small brook near the town of Auvignac.

On the left-hand side where the track curved sharply, a break in the escarpment led down into a narrow gorge that sloped, steep and seemingly arrow-straight, to the bottom of the ridge.

Never having seen snow before, not even in hi-rez, it gazed about the white-epauletted shoulders of the coastal depot like a Georgia sodbuster manifesting on a cold escarpment of Olympus Mons.

During the brief twilight Balza guided them to a trail that led down into the valley some distance below the cave dwellings of the tribe of mutants, and all during the night they moved southward toward the escarpment and Omwamwi Falls.

The lumpy landscape of the Massif crawled past, irrigated fields between outcrops and escarpments crested with olive groves and lemon trees, gnarled pines, windmill generators and lithomancy poles.

Elgeyo Escarpment falls to a longitudinal valley separated from Lake Baringo by the ridge of Kamasia.

It looked out across a vast and beautiful valley which stretched thirty miles over the lowveld to a slash of deep purple on the pale skyline, an escarpment which rose two thousand feet to the grasslands of the highveld.

On the fifth day, having reached the limits of forbearance, he had turned the herd and tried to break back through their line, and they had been there to head him off, the tiny upright sticklike figures, so deceptively frail and yet so deadly, springing up from the yeHow grass, barring his escape to the south, flapping blankets and beating on empty paraffin tins, until his courage failed and the old bull turned back, and led his herds once more down the rugged escarpment towards the great river.

It is known as the Goro Escarpment, and at its eastern end it forms the boundary between the protectorate and Abyssinia.

I got three or four of the men to drive the wagon with me, and we went around the city sunwise, left to right, up and over, while he showed us every pass over the surrounding hills and hole through the stone escarpments while the turnips became almost hysterical with anticipation.