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Ervin (surname)

Ervin may refer to:

  • Andrew Ervin (born 1971), American novelist and critic
  • Anthony Ervin (born 1981), American swimmer
  • Bill Ervin, retired NASCAR Grand National Series driver
  • Booker Ervin (1930–1970), American musician
  • Clark Ervin, American government official
  • David Ervin (born 1961), American musician
  • Gary Ervin (basketball) (born 1983), American basketball player
  • Howard M. Ervin (1915–2009), American scholar and pastor
  • James Ervin (politician) (1778–1841), American politician
  • Joseph Wilson Ervin (1901–1945), American politician
  • Lauren Ervin (born 1985), American basketball player
  • Lisa Ervin (born 1977), American former figure skater
  • Lorenzo Kom'boa Ervin (born 1947), African-American activist
  • Mallory Ervin (born 1985), American beauty pageant winner
  • Manda Zand Ervin, Iranian writer and human rights activist
  • Richard Ervin (1905–2004), American jurist
  • Robert Tait Ervin (1863–1949), American jurist
  • Sam Ervin (1896–1985), American politician
  • Sam J. Ervin IV (born 1955), American jurist
  • Samuel James Ervin III (1926–1999), American jurist
  • Winfield Ervin, Jr. (1902–1985), American politician

Ervin may refer to:

  • Ervin (given name)
  • Ervin (surname)
  • Ervin Township, Howard County, Indiana, one of eleven townships in Howard County, Indiana, USA
Ervin (given name)

Ervin is a given name. Notable people with the name include:

  • Ervin Acél (conductor) (1935–2006), distinguished conductor and pedagogue, a Romanian of Hungarian descent
  • Ervin Acel (fencer) (1888–1958), American fencer
  • Ervin Baktay (1890–1963), author noted for popularizing Indian culture in Hungary
  • Ervin Baldwin (born 1986), American football defensive end
  • Ervin Bauer (1890–1938), Hungarian biologist
  • Ervin Bossányi (1891–1975), Hungarian artist, worked mainly in northern Germany until his emigration in 1934
  • Ervin Bulku (born 1981), Albanian football player
  • Ervin Burrell, fictional character on the HBO drama The Wire, played by actor Frankie Faison
  • Ervin Cseh (1838–1918), Hungarian politician from Slavonia, served as Minister without portfolio of Croatian Affairs
  • Ervin Drake (1919–2015), American songwriter whose works include such American Songbook standards as "It Was a Very Good Year"
  • Ervin Eleskovic (born 1987), professional tennis player from Sweden
  • Ervin Fakaj (born 1976), former Albanian footballer
  • Ervin Y. Galantay, Professor Emeritus (architecture and planning) of the Swiss Federal Technical University of Lausanne
  • Ervin Gashi (born 1990), Swiss footballer of Albanian descent
  • Ervin González (born 1985), Colombian football forward
  • Ervin Hall (born 1947), American athlete who competed mainly in the 110 metre hurdles
  • Ervin Hatibi, Albanian poet, essayist and painter
  • Ervin Hoffmann, Hungarian sprint canoeist who competed from the late 1980s to the late 1990s
  • Ervin Hunt, former defensive back in the National Football League
  • Ervin Johnson (born 1967), American former professional basketball player
  • Ervin Kassai (born 1925), retired Hungarian basketball referee
  • Ervin Katona, (born 1977), Serbian strongman competitor and regular entrant to the World's Strongest Man competition
  • Ervin Kovács (born 1967), Hungarian football player
  • Ervin Kryemadhi (born 1983), Albanian football forward
  • Ervin László (born 1932), Hungarian philosopher of science, systems theorist, integral theorist, originally a classical pianist
  • Ervin Lázár (1936–2006), Hungarian author
  • Ervin Llani (born 1983), Albanian footballer
  • Ervin Mészáros (1877–1940), Hungarian Olympic fencer
  • Ervin McSweeney (born 1957), New Zealand cricketer
  • Ervin Memetov (born 1990), Ukrainian footballer
  • Ervin Nagy, Hungarian pianist and composer
  • Ervin Nyíregyházi (1903–1987), Hungarian-born American pianist
  • Ervin Pringle (born 1910), Liberal party member of the Canadian House of Commons
  • Ervin Randle (born 1962), former American football linebacker in the NFL
  • Ervin J. Rokke, retired lieutenant general and retired President of Moravian College
  • Ervin Roszner (1852–1928), Hungarian politician, served as Minister besides the King between 1915 and 1917
  • Ervin Rustemagić, Bosnian comic producer and distributor, born in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina currently based in Slovenia
  • Ervin Santana (born 1982), Major League Baseball right-handed starting pitcher
  • Ervin Schiffer, Hungarian born professional violist and pedagogue
  • Ervin Skela (born 1976), Albanian footballer
  • Ervin Somogyi (born 1944), pioneer of steel string guitar making
  • Ervin Sotto (born 1981), Filipino professional basketball player
  • Ervin Staub, Professor of Psychology, Emeritus, at the University of Massachusetts Amherst
  • Ervin Szörenyi, Hungarian sprint canoeist who competed in the mid 1950s
  • Ervin Szerelemhegyi (1891–1969), Hungarian track and field athlete, competed in the 1912 Summer Olympics
  • Ervin Zádor (born 1935), Hungarian retired water polo player and former member of the Hungarian national team
  • Ervin Zukanović (born 1987), Bosnian football player