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Ernak was the last ruler of the Huns, and the third son of Attila. After Attila's death in 453 AD, his Empire crumbled and its remains were ruled by his three sons, Ellac, Dengizich and Ernak. He succeeded his older brother Ellac in 454 AD, and probably ruled simultaneously over Huns in dual kingship with his brother Dengizich, but in separate divisions in separate lands.

Priscus during his stay at Attila's court in 448 or 449 AD, recorded a personal occasion between Attila and Ernak. At a banquet Attila pinched Ernak cheeks and looked on him with serene eyes, while took small account of his other sons. He was Attila's favorite son, because as a certain Hun explained to him, the prophets (probably shamans) prophesied his genos would fail, but would be restored by this son.

Ernak has often been identified with Irnik from the Nominalia of the Bulgarian khans, who is noted as descendant of the Dulo clan and leader of the Bulgars for 150 years starting approximately from 437 AD.