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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Ern \Ern\, Erne \Erne\, n. [AS. earn eagle; akin to D. arend, OHG. aro, G. aar, Icel., Sw., & Dan. ["o]rn, Goth. ara, and to Gr. ? bird. [root]11. Cf. Ornithology.] (Zo["o]l.) A sea eagle, esp. the European white-tailed sea eagle ( Hali[ae]etus albicilla).


Ern \Ern\, v. i. [Cf. Erme.] To stir with strong emotion; to grieve; to mourn.

Note: [Corrupted into yearn in modern editions of Shakespeare.] [Obs.]


Etymology 1 n. (alternative spelling of erne English) Etymology 2

alt. 1 (context UK dialectal English) To run; flow. 2 (context UK dialectal Scotland English) To (cause to) coagulate; curdle (milk) by adding rennet and applying heat. vb. 1 (context UK dialectal English) To run; flow. 2 (context UK dialectal Scotland English) To (cause to) coagulate; curdle (milk) by adding rennet and applying heat. Etymology 3

vb. 1 (context intransitive obsolete English) To stir with strong emotion; grieve; mourn. 2 (context UK dialectal Scotland English) To pain; torture. 3 (context UK dialectal Scotland English) (context of the eyes English) To cause to water; smart.


n. bulky grayish-brown eagle with a short wedge-shaped white tail; of Europe and Greenland [syn: erne, gray sea eagle, European sea eagle, white-tailed sea eagle, Haliatus albicilla]


Ern or ERN may refer to:

  • Sea eagle, any bird of prey in the genus Haliaeetus, especially the white-tailed eagle H. albicilla
  • Ern (given name)
  • ERN1, a gene encoding the endoplasmic reticulum to nucleus signaling 1 protein
  • Eritrean nakfa, the currency of Eritrea
  • Error-related negativity, a component of an event-related potential in an electroencephalograph
  • English Regions Network, an umbrella organization for England's regional assemblies
  • Engenho da Rainha Station, subway station on the Rio de Janeiro Metro
Ern (given name)

Ern is a given name and nickname. Notable people with the name include:

  • Ern Baxter (1914 - 1993), Canadian Pentecostal evangelist
  • Ern Condon, Canadian politician
  • Ern Klauer (1870 - 1915), South African engineer, trades-unionist, and politician
  • Ern Pedler (1914 - 1989), horseman and writer
  • Ern Phang (born 1976), Australian solicitor
  • Ern Westmore (1904 - 1967), Hollywood make-up artist and actor
  • Ern Wilmot (1898 - 1988), Australian rugby league player

Australian rules football players:

  • Ern Cowley (1892 - 1975)
  • Ern Elliott (1900 - ???)
  • Ern Henfry (1921 - 2007)
  • Ern Hocking (1882 - ???)
  • Ern Jenkins (1879 – 1927)
  • Ern McIntyre (1921 - 2003)
  • Ern O'Regan (1907 - ???)
  • Ern Penrose (1884 - ???)
  • Ern Rowarth (born 1926)
  • Ern Utting (1897 - 1948)

Fictional characters:

  • Ern Malley, fictitious poet invented as a hoax

Usage examples of "ern".

The others walked slowly through the village, talking about Ern, and keeping a look-out for Bingo.

MR GOON LOSES HIS TEMPER Ern had been very busy indeed while the others had gone to the village.

Mr Goon went off to the police station, his boots well polished by Ern, and his helmet and uniform well brushed.

About half-past five Mr Goon returned home to see if Ern had put on the kettle and had made him some toast, as he had commanded.

Bingo leapt up at the astonished Ern, and tried his hardest to lick him in as many places as he could, barking madly all the time.

And Ern suddenly put two fingers into his mouth, screwed up his face, and gave a very sudden, very long and extremely piercing whistle.

The door opened and a torch shone in, lighting up the darkness in which Ern sat.

He made such a noise gnawing it that Ern felt sure it could be heard for miles around!

Fatty to Buster, and Ern pointed his finger at Bingo, and said exactly the same.

The French artist who was copying the picture suddenly lost his temper as Ern breathed heavily down the back of his neck.

But Ern was still staring at the picture on the wall, absent-mindedly rubbing at the paint that the artist had streaked across his face.

Soon they left Bets and Ern to themselves and wandered into the other rooms.

Larry, Daisy, Pip, Bets and Ern jumped too, and clutched in fright at one another, when the eerie wail echoed round them.

Now only one was left - the Frenchman who had been copying the picture that Ern had liked so much.

Fatty, panting hard as he and Ern heaved the trap-door out of its place.