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interj. 1 (context UK English) (non-gloss definition: Used in hesitant speech, or to express uncertainty; um, umm.) 2 (context UK English) (non-gloss definition: Used to express embarrassment or subtle disagreement.)


Erm is a village in the Netherlands and it is part of the Coevorden municipality in Drenthe. Its altitude is 14 metres (49 feet) + NAP and its population is about 420.

ERM (e Reuse Methodology)

The e Reuse Methodology was the first reuse methodology to emerge in the Hardware Verification Language space and was used in conjunction with the e Hardware Verification Language. It was invented in 2001 by Verisity Design and was released in 2002. The methodology was composed of methodology guidelines for such topics as:

  • File naming conventions
  • Functional partitioning of the testbench
  • Code packaging Guidelines
  • Sequence and message class libraries

The e Reuse Methodology was widely accepted by verification engineers and, to this day, is the most widely used and successful reuse methodology with thousands of successful projects.

eRM formed the basis of the URM (Universal Reuse Methodology) developed by Cadence Design Systems for the SystemVerilog Language. URM, together with contribution from Mentor Graphics' AVM, later went on to become the OVM (Open Verification Methology) and, finally the UVM (Universal Verification Methodology) today.

Usage examples of "erm".

Rico Erm once more entered the room, carrying what looked like a narrow-banded wrist instrument, in a gold finish, on a tray.

Rico Erm a few minutes longer, but gained no information from the bland face, not-quite-smiling before him.

He turned to look at Rico Erm, feeling the protest of his back muscles as he did so.

The personnel slot on the door was open, and he went through it to find the hovercar with Rico Erm still waiting for him.

As we suspected, the MOGOWs and even some others like your Rico Erm, who were at heart subversives, took the bait and gathered around him in hopes of making some profound alteration in our system.

Lee Malone and Rico Erm, in their flight, lead us to others as they turn to them for shelter and help.

Carwell reported means that Erm and Malone are on the loose with the RIV-VII information.

It was a bad sign, therefore, that he had lost his temper with someone such as this Rico Erm, who after all was hardly responsible for his problems.

Across the table from him, Rico Erm looked ready to depart at any moment, but not eagerof course, never eager, thought Ett.

Ett watched Rico Erm a few minutes longer, but gained no information from the bland face, not-quite-smiling before him.