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Erle may refer to:

Erle (river)

Erle is a river of Thuringia, Germany. The river has a length of 14.2 kilometres.

Usage examples of "erle".

It seems that Mr Erle is after all the one man in Parliament modest enough not to consider himself to be fit for any place that can be offered to him.

This was Barrington Erle, a politician of long standing, who was still looked upon by many as a young man, because he had always been known as a young man, and because he had never done anything to compromise his position in that respect.

Phineas Finn and Barrington Erle had gone through some political struggles together, and had been very intimate.

But there certainly grew up from that moment a feeling among such men as Erle and Rattler that care was necessary, that the House, taken as a whole, was not in a condition to be manipulated with easy freedom, and that Sir Orlando must be made to understand that he was not strong enough to depend on such jauntiness.

The Duchess was assured that the country could not be governed by the support of such men as these, and was very glad to get back to Gatherum,-- whither also came Phineas Finn with his wife, and St Bungay people, and Barrington Erle, and Mr Monk, the Chancellor of the Exchequer, with Lord and Lady Cantrip, and Lord and Lady Drummond,--Lord Drummond being the only representative of the other or coalesced party.

But with the Duchess the affair was very serious, so much so that she was driven to call in for advice,--not only from her constant friend, Mrs Finn, but afterwards from Barrington Erle, from Phineas Finn, and lastly even from the Duke of St Bungay, to whom she was hardly willing to subject herself, the Duke being the special friend of her husband.

When the Duchess learned the truth she quite approved of the expulsion, only hinting to Barrington Erle that the act of kicking out should have been more absolutely practical.

Barrington Erle, who had peculiar privileges of his own, promised that if he could by any means make an occasion, he would let the Duke know that their side of the Coalition was more than contented with the way in which he did his work.

There was the Duke of St Bungay and the Duchess, and Phineas Finn and his wife, and Lord and Lady Cantrip, Barrington Erle, and one or two others.

He himself would do it in the House of Lords, or Mr Finn or Barrington Erle, in our House.

Barrington Erle and Phineas Finn talked of it among themselves, but they did not mention it even to the Duchess.

The old Duke and Phineas Finn and Barrington Erle were all of the opinion that the best plan for the present was to do nothing.

And certain members of the Government, Phineas Finn, for instance, Barrington Erle, and Mr Rattler were on the committee of the club.

Phineas and Erle, and Laurance Fitzgibbon allowed themselves to be lashed into anger, and, as far as words went, had the best of it.

Help me get these packages back on the shelves before daddy or Erle come along.