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Erkin may refer to:

  • 2 (Erkin Koray album), the third full-length album by Turkish rock star Erkin Koray
  • Behiç Erkin (born 1876), Turkish soldier and first director of the Turkish State Railways
  • Caner Erkin (born 1988), Turkish footballer
  • Erkin Abdulla a professional pop singer who set up Erkin Music Group, and associate director of Chinese Flamenco Association
  • Erkin Alptekin (born 1939), noted international advocate for the rights of native and indigenous people
  • Erkin Bairam (died 2001), Professor in Economics at the University of Otago, New Zealand
  • Erkin Hadımoğlu (born 1972), present member of the Turkish band Yeni Türkü
  • Erkin Koray (born 1941), performer in the Turkish rock music scene since the late 1950s
  • Erkin Koray (self titled album), the first full-length album by Turkish rock star Erkin Koray
  • Ferhunde Erkin (1909–2007), Turkish pianist born in Istanbul
  • Ulvi Cemal Erkin (1906–1972), member of the pioneer group of symphonic composers in Turkey

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