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Erith is a district of the London Borough of Bexley in south-east London, England, next to the River Thames, north-east of Bexleyheath and north-west of Dartford. Erith town centre has undergone modernisation and an increase in dwellings since 1961. The curved riverside high street contains three listed buildings, including the Church of England church and the Carnegie Building, while the district otherwise consists primarily of suburban homes. Erith is linked to central London and Kent by rail and a dual carriageway. It has the longest pier in London, and retains a coastal environment with salt marshes as well as industrial land.

Erith (disambiguation)

Erith may refer to:

  • Erith, London
  • Erith Island (Tasmania)
  • Erith, South Australia
  • Raymond Erith (1904–1973), English architect

See also:

  • Earith, Cambridgeshire

Usage examples of "erith".

Leo returned to Erith with an armload of fruits and nuts, he discovered that despite differences in internal chemistry, they could eat almost identical plant foods.

Nor did Erith eat the nuts, choosing only the very juicy and ripe fruits.

For once the mountains were quiet for a few hours, and the weak sunlight in which Erith lay persisted throughout the day.

They had apparently given Erith up for dead and were content to locate Leo by waiting for him to find the hidden scoutship and fly into the view of their spy satellites.

They stopped walking a few hours after dark, and Erith watched while Leo slept through the rest of the night.

Then Leo watched while Erith lay in the sunlight, apparently more unconscious than asleep.

Presumably there was a point where Erith would not obey him, but they had yet to reach it.

In their four days together Leo had gradually assumed the leadership, and Erith seemed content to let him.

Ahead lay a snow-capped peak that Erith assured Leo stood roughly midway across the range.

But a steady stream of the lovely birds flashed downward, nipping at Erith with quick tilts of cutting beaks, then winging away with undiminished speed.

Grasping the thick handle, Leo swung around until he felt Erith jar against his back.

The birds were taking heavy losses, but Leo was bleeding from at least twenty wounds, and Erith had a more tender skin with virtually no clothes to protect it.

While Erith gathered up what fruits and tubers he could find, Leo walked quietly into the woods, seated himself at the base of a giant tree, and waited.

Leo sometimes caught naps while Erith slept and fed in the afternoon, but still collapsed like the exhausted man he was from midnight to dawn.

When successful he built a small fire while Erith slept, and cooked and ate his meal.