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ERI may refer to:

  • Energy and Resources Institute, an Indian Institute of research, New Delhi
  • Empowerment and Rights Institute, a Chinese Human Rights organization
  • Electrical resistivity imaging, a geophysical method of subsurface investigation
  • Eritrea, a country in northern East Africa, according to any one of several international country code indices
  • Edinburgh Royal Infirmary, an NHS Hospital in Edinburgh, Scotland
  • ERI, IATA code for Erie International Airport in Erie, Pennsylvania, USA
Eri (given name)

is a common feminine Japanese given name.

Eri (king)

Eri (c. 900 CE) is said to be the original legendary cultural head of the Umu-eri, a subgroup of the Igbo people. According to legends, Eri is said to come down from the sky, having been sent by God . It is possible Eri must have migrated from southern Egypt through the Igala area, settled, and established a community in the middle of Anambra river valley (at Eri-aka) where he married two wives. The first wife, Nneamakụ, bore him five children. The first was Agulu, the founder of Aguleri(The ancestral head of Eri Kingdom clans)(the Ezeora dynasty that has produced 34 kings till date in Enugwu Aguleri), the second was Menri, the founder of Umunri / Kingdom of Nri, followed by Onugu, the founder of Igbariam and Ogbodulu, the founder of Amanuke. The fifth one was a daughter called Iguedo, who is said to have born the founders of Nteje, and Awkuzu, Ogbunike, Umuleri, Nando and Ogboli in Onitsha. As one of the children of Eri, Menri migrated from Aguleri, which was and still is, the ancestral temple of the entire Umu-Eri (Umu-Eri and Umu-Nri). His second wife Oboli begot Ọnọja, the only son who founded the Igala Kingdom in Kogi State.

Eri is the founder of the Umueri and Umunri clans, both of whom were some of the most influential and powerful dynasties of priests and diviners in Igboland and adjacent areas such as the Bini and Igala/ Idoma areas. He and his children are responsible for the Igbo Ukwu sites, Four market days, Ozo/ nze title systems, Ikpu alu, and other practices of the Igbo people and their neighbors.

Usage examples of "eri".

It was here, too, he blessed the banquet of the youth at Craibhecha, with Bishop Trian, a pilgrim of the Romans, by which the men of Munster were satisfied, and the saints of Eri besides.