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ERH may refer to:

  • Enhancer of rudimentary, human gene with a role in the cell cycle
  • Equilibrium relative humidity, a function of water activity
  • Era Aviation has ICAO designator ERH
  • Erith railway station has National Rail code ERH
  • Electrical resistance heating is commonly referred to as ERH
  • The Extended Riemann Hypothesis in mathematics
ERH (gene)

In molecular biology, Enhancer of rudimentary homolog is a protein that in humans is encoded by the ERH gene.

The Drosophila protein enhancer of rudimentary protein is a small protein of 104 amino acids. It has been found to be an enhancer of the rudimentary gene, involved in pyrimidine biosynthesis.

From an evolutionary point of view, enhancer of rudimentary is highly conserved and has been found to exist in probably all multicellular eukaryotic organisms. It has been proposed that this protein plays a role in the cell cycle.

Usage examples of "erh".

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It was only then that it dawned on Wang Erh that the girl was being kidnapped, not by a man but by a devil.

As he scrambled up the hill by the light of the moon Wang Erh unexpectedly came across a cave, hollowed into the hillside, just below the spot where the cloud had disappeared.

Delighted with his new idea, Wang Erh went to the local market shortly after dawn to enlist the help of friends working on the market-stalls.

Wang Erh was eventually summoned to the audience hall and, after bowing low before the Emperor, he began his story.

The Emperor not only gave Wang Erh what he had requested but also ordered one of his captains and a band of twenty soldiers to accompany the woodcutter on his mission.

Under orders from Wang Erh to raise the basket when the bell rang, three soldiers lowered the woodcutter slowly down the shaft.

They failed to notice this stranger in their midst and so, clutching his axe, Wang Erh cautiously climbed out of the basket.

Wang Erh headed in the direction of the sound and found himself facing a low, roughly hewn passageway hollowed out of the cavern wall.

Wang Erh called gently to her so as not to disturb any other devils that might be lurking in the shadows.

For fear of attracting more devils Wang Erh ceased his cries for help and waited patiently in the cavern, his eyes transfixed on the circle of daylight.

They swam silently upstream through the dark waters until Wang Erh felt the warmth of the sun strike his silver body and knew that he had finally escaped.

Before the assembled courtiers he decreed Wang Erh his future son-in-law and publicly denounced the treacherous captain.