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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Erewhile \Ere`while"\, Erewhiles \Ere`whiles"\, adv. Some time ago; a little while before; heretofore. [Archaic]

I am as fair now as I was erewhile.


adv. (context archaic or poetic English) Some time ago; beforehand alt. (context archaic or poetic English) Some time ago; beforehand

Usage examples of "erewhile".

Christ, the strains that erewhile he had poured forth in the praise of his false gods, now converting to a better use, he composed more excellent poems unto the praise of the All-powerful and the honor of His saints.

But the right hand of the Lord, which erewhile had smote his enemy with consuming fire, was magnified in strength, and in His manifold power swept this evil-doer from the face of the earth.

Then prayed he unto the Lord, who erewhile had made a way through the sea and a path through the deep waters, and immediately the earth at the divine bidding was raised in the middle of the stream, and to the saint and his company it afforded a free passage.

Thus, at the divine mandate, did the water punish them who conspired the death of Saint Patrick, as erewhile the fire from heaven punished them which were sent by King Achab to the prophet.

Fair now the brows old Pain had erewhile wrinkled, And peace and strength about the calm mouth dwell.

Thou in the grave shalt rest--yet till the phantoms flee Which that house and heath and garden made dear to thee erewhile, Thy remembrance, and repentance, and deep musings are not free From the music of two voices and the light of one sweet smile.

Your Many are more merrily alive Than erewhile when I gloried in the page Of radiant singer and anointed sage.

From this he drew fresh appetite for sway, And of it fell: whereat was chorus raised, How surely shall a mad ambition pay Dues to Humanity, erewhile amazed.

Nor endeth our discovery as yet: Gelaia, like a nymph, that, but erewhile, In male attire, did serve Anaides?

The bride was praising sir Dauphine, and he went away in snuff, and I followed him, unless he took offence at me in his drink erewhile, that I would not pledge all the horse full.

Erewhile he eastward went, Escaping from Odoaker, Thither with Theodoric And his many men of battle, Here he left in the land, Lorn and lonely, Bride in bower, Bairn ungrown, Having no heritage.

I miss thee here, Not pleas'd, thus entertaind with solitude, Where obvious dutie erewhile appear'd unsaught: Or come I less conspicuous, or what change Absents thee, or what chance detains?

Therefore, sweetheart, if thou fearest that the King should punish thee for so wounding the poor Christopher of those few days ago, as belike thou deservest it, bid the King do off his raiment, and do thou in likewise, and then there shall be no King to punish, and no King's scather to thole the punishment, but only Christopher and Goldilind, even as they met erewhile on the dewy grass of Littledale.