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n. (''Greek History'') An adult man who courted or was in an pederastic relationship with an adolescent boy, who was called an eromenos.


Erastes may refer to:

  • Erastes (Ancient Greece), an adult male in a relationship with an adolescent boy, also known as the philetor
  • Erastes tou oneirou, a 1974 Greek comedy
  • Erastes Fulmen, a character in the TV miniseries Rome
  • Erastes (author) (born 1959), pseudonymous writer of romantic fiction
Erastes (author)

Erastes is the pen name of a female author from the United Kingdom, known for writing gay-themed historical and romantic fiction.

Erastes, a heterosexual woman who has been married to a man for over 15 years, initially began writing gay fiction after initially having a start writing slash fiction set in the Harry Potter universe. She was also a director of the Erotic Authors Association (EAA) and the association flourished until 2010 when she handed the EAA over to new management.

Her best known works include Frost Fair, a bestselling novella published by Cheyenne Publishing in 2009, and Transgressions, a novel which was released in 2009 by Running Press in their M/M Historical Romance line and was a shortlisted nominee for a 2010 Lambda Literary Award in the Gay Romance category.