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Erana (ancient city)

Erana was a city in ancient Messenia, Greece. It was located near the present town Filiatra, in an area that is now known as Agia Kyriaki. Strabo wrote that Erana was situated on the road from Kyparissia to Pylos, and that it was erroneously identified with the Homeric Arene.

More archeologically interesting sites have been found around Filiatra. A stone axe from the Neolithic era has been found at Gournospilies. In Armakadia, on the road from Filiatra to Gargalianoi, traces of a Mycenean settlement have been found, including a Mycenean tomb.


Erana can refer to:

  • Erana (ancient city): an ancient city in Messenia built in the area of present day Filiatra.
  • List of Quest for Glory characters#Erana: a fictional character in the Quest for Glory computer game series.