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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Equilibrium \E`qui*lib"ri*um\, n.; pl. E. Equilibriums, L. Equilibria. [L. aequilibrium, fr. aequilibris in equilibrium, level; aequus equal + libra balance. See Equal, and Librate.]

  1. Equality of weight or force; an equipoise or a state of rest produced by the mutual counteraction of two or more forces.

  2. A level position; a just poise or balance in respect to an object, so that it remains firm; equipoise; as, to preserve the equilibrium of the body.

    Health consists in the equilibrium between those two powers.

  3. A balancing of the mind between motives or reasons, with consequent indecision and doubt.

    Equilibrium valve (Steam Engine), a balanced valve. See under Valve.


n. (plural of equilibrium English)

Usage examples of "equilibriums".

Delicate equilibriums restrict my options and I cannot simply bring justice to bear, even if I wanted to do so.

The young men had talked—through an exhausting trip by government plane, then a clammy ride in a government car—about science, emergencies, social equilibriums and the need of secrecy, till he knew less than he had known at the start.

They looked after the cosmic balance, the universal harmonies and the dimensional equilibriums, and he saw to it that the aphids stayed off the roses.