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The Collaborative International Dictionary

n. (context historical Ancient Rome English) A member of the (w: equestrian order) (Latin: ''ordo equester''), the lower of the two aristocratic classes of Ancient Rome, ranking below the patricians.


Eques, horseman or rider in Latin, may refer to:

  • Eques (ancient Rome), a member of the Roman Equestrian order
  • the Latin word for a knight in chess

Usage examples of "eques".

A few nobles were present too, including a Sicilian with a long jaw who wore the toga of an eques, or knight.

The eques with the thin purple stripe on his toga is a good friend of the Emperor.

I knew somehow that tonight I was a changed man, and would make my vow to become an eques come true or die doing it.

An eques in an ornamented chair was carried by, linkboys running ahead and behind.

Cassius Flamma, who is a freed citizen, with the rank of eques, thus entitling him to adorn himself with the ring of gold and the stripe of narrow purple.

For the first time I savored the power implicit in the purple eques stripe.

My bearers carried me along through the darkening streets, crying for all and sundry to get out of the path of the illustrious eques Cassius Flamma.

O sir, Miles et Eques of the Garter, Bath, and Golden Fleece, consider your dignities, and my old age--and my great family--nine children--oh, Sir Richard, and eight of them girls!