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Eppie is a nickname or given name which can refer to:


  • Epifania Eppie Archuleta (1922–2014), American master weaver and textile artisan
  • Everett Eppie Barnes (1900–1980), American Major League Baseball and professional basketball player
  • Eppie Barney (born 1944), American National Football League player in 1967-1968
  • Eppie Bleeker (born 1949), Dutch retired speedskater
  • Charlotte Epstein (1884–1938), American swimming coach and feminist
  • Edward Gibson (rugby league), English rugby league footballer of the 1940s and '50s
  • Esther Eppie Lederer (1918–2002), American advice columnist Ann Landers
  • Egbert Eppie Wietzes (born 1938), Canadian Formula One racing driver

Fictional characters

  • Eppie, a major character in the novel Silas Marner
  • the title heroine of " Eppie Morrie", one of the Scottish Child Ballads

Usage examples of "eppie".

If somehow she could summon the lightning to strike, and make flames grow and cause the wind to rise, she would hand Eppie to Andrea and tell her to run as far and as fast as she could.

As Andrea neared, Eppie shuddered and reached out, fingers clawing at something in a dream.

Keeping a eye on the water level, Andrea undressed Eppie, marveling at the bloodless skin, the delicate limbs.

The walk took longer than she thought it would, and she wondered if the rest of the family knew that Eppie came here, and if they knew how far from the house it was.

Andrea, surprised, chuckled, then realized Eppie was straight-faced serious.

Squealing with delight, Eppie scooped the crawdad out of the water and dropped it into the pail with one fluid motion.

She quickly glanced back to see if Eppie had heard, but she was busy playing with the crawfish.

She turns and Eppie is standing right there, staring at her, eyes wide and gleaming.

Andrea slipped her gun into her waistband and gathered Eppie in her arms.

She stands, holding Eppie close, feeling her heart banging to get out.

Luke had deliberately risked her goodwill by using his powers to help Eppie, and frankly she admired his decision.

She considered Eppie, running a revolt from a keyboard in a shabby apartment.

The tableau held for several breaths, then Eppie lowered the blaster slightly.

His features could be clearly discerned on the faces of any number of bastard babes in the area, Eppie informed me.

It was bloody hard to remember always to speak properly when Eppie Dawson and everyone else you knew talked like hayseeds.