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EPP or Epp may refer to:

Epp (surname)

Epp is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Claas Epp, Jr. (1838–1913), Russian Mennonite minister
  • Ernie Epp (born 1941), Canadian historian and former politician
  • Herb Epp (1934–2013), Canadian politician
  • Jake Epp (born 1939), Canadian executive and former politician
  • Ken Epp (born 1939), Canadian politician
  • Reuben Epp (1920-2009), Canadian author of works in Mennonite Low German
  • Richard Epp (actor) (born 1948), Canadian playwright and actor
  • Richard Epp (physicist), Canadian physicist
  • Robert Epp (born 1926), translator of Japanese literature into English
  • Theodore Epp (1907–1985), American Christian clergyman, writer and radio evangelist
  • Franz Ritter von Epp (1868–1946), German officer

Usage examples of "epp".

Since Lau, like many peasants on the Island, grew either the Epp or the Kujave variety, both beardless and consequently an easy prey for birds, the scarecrows had ample opportunity to prove their worth.

Vistula delta from beardless Epp wheat to chestnut trees, willows, alders, and scrub pines.

Laden with a twenty-pound sack of wheat flour -- milled from the Epp variety -- he, along with his wife and sister, found room on a ferry barge which had operated for years between the Vistula villages of Nickelswalde and Schiewenhorst.

Urtoba wheat, of Epp wheat, of wheat flour milled from Schliephacke No.

To prepare for this a special office under General Franz Ritter von Epp was set up, called the Wehrpolitische Amt.

On the evening of March 9, two weeks before the passage of the Enabling Act, General von Epp, on orders from Hitler and Frick and with the help of a few storm troopers, turned out the government of Bavaria and set up a Nazi regime.

Remembering the story of Epp Lang and the dog, I feel my stomach turn again.

A strange silhouette forms from the shadows of the room, Epp Lang burying a dog beneath a tree.

Beatrice Epps had been correct when she said Anne Tenzer was about her size, but the resemblance stopped there.

It was answered by Beatrice Epps, and she told you of Anne Tenzer, and Anne Tenzer told you of her aunt, and you went to Mahopac.

There was a vehicle, registered to the cover name of one of the terrorists, discovered at Athens Ben Epps airport.

The client photos were boffo-- Hughes shared a wall with some South American dictators and bongo player Preston Epps.