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Epix (TV network)

Epix (pronounced "epics" and stylized as "EPIX" or "epix") is a premium entertainment network headquartered in New York City and is owned by Studio 3 Partners, LLC. Studio 3 Partners is a joint venture of Viacom's subdivision Paramount Pictures, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, and Lions Gate Entertainment. The EPIX television channel features theatrically released motion pictures, original documentaries, music and comedy specials, and series.

Launched in October 2009, Epix is the youngest of the major premium TV channels in the United States (and several decades younger than the three other established premium networks). Epix (as well as its three multiplex channels, depending on the carriage of any of the latter services) are sold by pay television and providers either as premium services or as part of a la carte digital movie tiers. As of March 2015, it is also available to Sling TV subscribers, along with SundanceTV and TCM, as part of the "Hollywood Extra" add-on pack.


Epix may refer to:

  • Epix (mobile phone), a Samsung mobile phone
  • Epix (TV network), a U.S. premium television channel
  • EPIX Pharmaceuticals Inc, a drug company