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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ A star marks the epicentre of the atomic bomb dropped in 1945.
▪ Its epicentre was in the sea 19 miles from the town of Maumere, with its 70,000 inhabitants.
▪ The epicentre of the nation's in decision encompasses a group of states in its heartland, around the Great Lakes.
▪ The epicentre was near Bishops Castle in Shropshire, but the shaking was felt as far afield as the intensity 2 area.
▪ Worse still, the epicentre of labour militancy was the capital itself.
Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

chiefly British English spelling of epicenter; for spelling, see -re.


n. 1 (context seismology English) The point on the land or water surface directly above the focus, or hypocentre, of an earthquake. 2 (context military English) The point on the surface of the earth directly above an underground explosion. 3 (context figuratively English) The focal point of any activity, especially if dangerous or destructive.


n. the point on the Earth's surface directly above the focus of an earthquake [syn: epicenter]

Usage examples of "epicentre".

He saw that the epicentre of Aberrancy always lay at the site of a Weaver monastery, and the monasteries were always built around the witchstones.

The epicentre, where the Lady Macbeth had plunged into the drive-fomented particles, was still glowing a nervous blue as brumal waves of static washed through the thinning molecular zephyr of vaporized rock and ice.

A pair of recovering Welsh bulimics had rented the house next to the plaza, the very seismic epicentre of the fiesta.

With New Manhattan at the epicentre, fifteen crystalline domes, twenty kilometres in diameter, were clumped together in a semicircle along the eastern seaboard, sheltering entire districts of ordinary skyscrapers (defined as buildings under one kilometre high) from the pummelling heat and winds.

A shiver of shared trepidation rippled out from the sinistrals, the five epicentres, crossed and made peculiar patterns in the psychosphere.

At the epicentre of this unearthliness squatted the village of Blaenau, itself a kind of slate slagheap, or so it seemed in the teeming rain.