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Etymology 1 n. 1 a syringe or autoinjector filled with epinephrine, most frequently used for the treatment of acute allergic reactions to avoid or treat the onset of anaphylactic shock. 2 (context medical jargon English) epinephrine Etymology 2

n. (context category theory English) Abbreviated form of epimorphism.


The prefix epi, or ep if followed by a vowel or the letter "h", is derived from the Greek preposition ἐπί meaning: above, on, over, nearby, upon; outer; besides, in addition to; among; attached to; or toward.

EPI, or Epi may refer to :

Epi (island)

Epi (or Épi, Api; formerly known as Tasiko or Volcano Island) is an island in Shefa Province, Vanuatu, at the north end of the Shepherd Islands.

The island is long northwest-southeast, and wide, with an area of . Its shoreline measures 130 km. In 1986 it had a population of 3,035 but in 2009 it had increased to 5,200.