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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ Hopes of political unity in the region have proved ephemeral.
▪ No dictionary can really capture something as fleeting and ephemeral as slang.
▪ A few years later, it made timid and ephemeral attempts to pursue a progressive social policy.
▪ Goodwill can permit effective cooperation for purchasing of secondary care but goodwill is ephemeral when difficult decisions have to be made.
▪ I have no idea who they are, which just goes to show the ephemeral nature of psychiatric certainties.
▪ Likewise, those that thought they were too ephemeral and effervescent, began to appreciate them.
▪ Some were, of course, ephemeral, including books and articles written in the 1930s when he lived by his pen.
▪ The ephemeral nature of fluid flow belies the rigid rules which govern its behaviour.
▪ What is of merit, what is not ephemeral, is shunned.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Ephemeral \E*phem"er*al\, a.

  1. Beginning and ending in a day; existing only, or no longer than, a day; diurnal; as, an ephemeral flower.

  2. Short-lived; existing or continuing for a short time only. ``Ephemeral popularity.''
    --V. Knox.

    Sentences not of ephemeral, but of eternal, efficacy.
    --Sir J. Stephen.

    Ephemeral fly (Zo["o]l.), one of a group of neuropterous insects, belonging to the genus Ephemera and many allied genera, which live in the adult or winged state only for a short time. The larv[ae] are aquatic; -- called also day fly and May fly.


Ephemeral \E*phem"er*al\, n. Anything lasting but a day, or a brief time; an ephemeral plant, insect, etc.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1560s; see ephemera + -al (1). Originally of diseases and lifespans, "lasting but one day;" extended sense of "transitory" is from 1630s. Related: Ephemerally; ephemerality.


a. 1 Lasting for a short period of time. 2 (context biology English) Existing for only one day, as with some flowers, insects, and diseases. 3 (context geology of a body of water English) Usually dry, but filling with water for brief periods during and after precipitation. n. Something which lasts for a short period of time.


adj. enduring a very short time; "the ephemeral joys of childhood"; "a passing fancy"; "youth's transient beauty"; "love is transitory but at is eternal"; "fugacious blossoms" [syn: passing, short-lived, transient, transitory, fugacious]

Ephemeral (disambiguation)

Ephemerality is the quality of existing only briefly.

Ephemeral may also refer to:

  • Ephemeral (EP), a 2009 EP by Pelican
  • Ephemeral, a 2013 EP by Insomnium
  • Ephemeral, a 1997 album by Synæsthesia (Canadian band)
Ephemeral (EP)

Ephemeral is the 2009 follow-up to the PLCN/TAAS split EP by American post-metal band Pelican. It is their first album to be released since signing to Southern Lord Records. The album consists of two previously unreleased songs in addition to a cover of "Geometry of Murder" by Earth featuring Earth guitarist Dylan Carlson.

The album was released on vinyl, and in CD format, although the CDs were limited to only 1,000 copies, and were sold only on Pelican's tour with Isis. After the tour, the remainder of the CDs were sold through Pelican's Web store, and through that of Southern Lord Records. Pelican announced through their myspace page that on the CD, the order of the first two songs had been reversed, although on the packaging, the order remained the same. On 24 October 2009, Pelican announced through their Facebook account that they would be re-printing the CD, in new packaging, and limited to 500 copies. The re-issue would only be available on their October/November 2009 tour.

Usage examples of "ephemeral".

She could almost see from the Immortal point-of-view, and there was no motive to meddle in Ephemeral affairs.

No Ephemeral, except perhaps Terab, had ever seen a Dushau in Renewal.

The Rules and all of the teachings of my Web were based on our purpose as living, immortal repositories of the accomplishments of ephemeral intelligences.

Web, understanding its significance before I had, warning me about further entanglements with ephemeral species.

Of course, it was an ephemeral trait, one Paul had in full measure, to ignore the life-threatening in favor of the emotionally satisfying.

Dim5 became beautiful, where ephemeral things barely glimpsed in the past, shone clear and bright and real.

Apollonius: Antimachus understood better the mystery of voyages and horizons, and how ephemeral a shadow man throws on this abiding earth.

In a harsh land composed largely of shifting desert sand and impenetrable mountains, the concept of landownership among any but the monarch was more ephemeral than it would have been in other parts of the world, where the terrain was more stable.

It is true that the vast body of that which we read is ephemeral, and justifies its existence by its obvious use for information, recreation, and entertainment.

Without special anxiety, then, to keep pace with all the ephemeral in literature, lest we should miss for the moment something that is permanent, we can rest content in the vast accumulation of the tried and genuine that the ages have given us.

Soon he stopped reading, placed one book on top of the other, and began to rock very slowly in the wicker rocking chair, contemplating with regret the banana plants in the mire of the patio, the stripped mango, the flying ants that came after the rain, the ephemeral splendor of another afternoon that would never return.

So that Florentino Ariza heard about many acts of disloyalty, and even some state secrets, which important clients and even local officials confided to their ephemeral lovers, not caring if they could be overheard in the adjoining rooms.

She told him, convinced that it had been something so innocent and ephemeral that in fact it was rather touching.

For his only point of reference in his own past was the ephemeral love affair with Fermina Daza, and only what concerned her had anything to do with reckoning his life.

That, along with so many other ephemeral images in the course of so many years, would suddenly appear to Florentino Ariza at the whim of fate, and disappear again in the same way, leaving behind a throb of longing in his heart.