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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Epeira \E*pei"ra\, n. [NL.] (Zo["o]l.) A genus of spiders, including the common garden spider ( E. diadema). They spin geometrical webs. See Garden spider.

Usage examples of "epeira".

When the Epeira, or Garden Spider, sees an insect entangled in her great upright web, she hastens up and covers the captive with corded meshes and silk ribbons by the armful, making all resistance impossible.

Thanks to this artifice, the Epeira this time obtains not a thread, but an iridescent sheet, a sort of clouded fan wherein the component threads are kept almost separate.

A safety-cord, emitted at the same instant by the spinnerets, keeps the Epeira hanging, swinging in space.

The observation is not an easy one, for the Banded Epeira is a night-worker.

The Epeira takes special pains with the edge of the neck, where she fashions an indented border, the angles of which, prolonged with cords or lines, form the main support of the building.

Banded Epeira in the manufacture of big hunting-nets, but she is less gifted in the art of nest-building.

Epeirae, particularly that of the Banded Epeira, is an important and complex work.

In the same way, the Epeira puts the eiderdown quilting and the taffeta wrapper round a capsule that contains nothing.

Banded Epeira with that of the Penduline Titmouse, the cleverest of our small birds in the art of nest-building.

When hatching-time arrives, early in the case of the Lycosa, late in that of the Epeira, the gulled Spider abandons the strange bag and pays it no further attention.

The Epeira, who is not accustomed to the tickling of such a load, turns over on her back and rolls on the ground in the manner of a donkey when his hide is itching.

This does not deter the others, who repeat the escalade as soon as the Epeira is on her legs again.

Banded Epeira and the Silky Epeira, those experts in the manufacture of rainproof textures, lay their eggs high up, on brushwood and bramble, without shelter of any kind.

The Diadem Epeira, or Cross Spider, needs a cranny for hers, which is contained in a non-waterproof felt.

Banded Epeira are bombs which, to free their contents, burst under the rays of a torrid sun.