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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Epaulet \Ep"au*let`\, Epaulette \Ep"au*lette`\, n. [F. ['e]paulette, dim. of ['e]paule shoulder, fr. L. spatula a broad piece (LL., shoulder), dim. of spatha abroad, flat instrument, fr. Gr. ?, also, a broad rib, shoulder blade. See Spade the instrument, and cf. Epaule, Spatula.] (Mil.) A shoulder ornament or badge worn by military and naval officers, differences of rank being marked by some peculiar form or device, as a star, eagle, etc.; a shoulder knot.

Note: In the United States service the epaulet is reserved for full dress uniform. Its use was abolished in the British army in 1855.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

also epaulette, "shoulder ornament on a uniform," 1783, from French épaulette "an epaulet" (16c.), diminutive of épaule "shoulder," from Old French espaule (12c.), from Latin spatula "flat piece of wood, splint," in Medieval Latin "shoulder blade," diminutive of spatha "broad wooden instrument, broad sword," from Greek spathe "a broad flat sword" (see spade (n.1)).


alt. A decoration or flourish worn on the shoulders, as on a uniform. n. A decoration or flourish worn on the shoulders, as on a uniform.


n. adornment consisting of an ornamental cloth pad worn on the shoulder [syn: epaulette]

Usage examples of "epaulet".

He was a big, muscular moron wearing a polka-dot propeller beanie and a blue uniform with epaulets, a gun holster and, of course, a gun.

Class A uniform, wearing a green beanie, with the rope of an aide hanging from his epaulets, was this familiar-looking lieutenant, an aviator.

Comandante Dictator-Designate Franco Milhous Caudillo wore a Ruritanian uniform, quite threadbare but encrusted with medals, tarnished gold braid, sashes, epaulets and crossed bandoliers full of spent cartridge cases.

The Duke looked at Kynes, noting that the planetologist wore an old-style dark brown uniform with epaulets of the Imperial Civil Servant and a tiny gold teardrop of rank at his collar.

The jacket had wing epaulets, sewn with metal lamellae to protect the shoulders from sword cuts.

Sam Beasley wore a white uniform with gold trim and shaking gold-braid epaulets that made Marc Moise think of an Italian admiral of the fleet.

And his eyes strayed to the corpse which had landed almost beside him and the head where the laser burn would be, though the undergrowth was hiding it, and the mojo who had died so quickly its talons still gripped its epaulet perch, and he began to tremble violently and tried hard not to throw up.

At any rate, we have to tolerate the insolence of epaulets only until November 4.

Relayer uniform besported a V-shaped embroidery from shoulder to waist to shoulder in the colors of the House, and epaulets starred to indicate squadron status.

It had a long, square train and a small satin collar and epaulets that were composed of double frills of lace held by richly beaded passementerie that fell in tassels.

Comandante Commissar-Designate Sacco Vanzetti Rojo wore a Graustarkian uniform, quite patched but encrusted with medals, tarnished gold braid, sashes, epaulets and a Cossack sword.

The young man reflected for a moment, then an expression of sublime resignation appeared in his eyes, and with a slow and sad gesture he took off his two epaulets, the insignia of his rank.

I tendered my resignation, for when you have gained your epaulets on the battle-field, you do not know how to manoeuvre on the slippery grounds of the salons.

Loire, with his uniform and his epaulets, there was everything to apprehend.

The leader, Pleasantwalk, wore no boiled breastplate, instead a pair of black epaulets on a harness, gem-studded black gloves, and a black helmet adorned with black leaves.