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n. (context informal English) episode (of a TV serial, etc.)


EP, or Ep may refer to:

EP (The Format EP)

EP was the first EP and first release by American rock band, The Format. It was self-released on August 9, 2002. It was re-released on September 30, 2003 via Western Tread Recordings, which is owned by Jim Adkins of Jimmy Eat World. The success of " The First Single" on Phoenix rock radio station KEDJ caught the attention of many major record labels and ultimately led to The Format signing with Elektra Records.

There exists a rare demo of "At the Wake," with its former title "Piano Song" this version of the songs includes a longer intro (with some extra drums) and different lyrics.

EP (The Fiery Furnaces album)

EP is the third release from the U.S. indie rock band The Fiery Furnaces. It is 41 minutes in length, and is arguably not an EP, but rather a short LP, and thus a proper album.

It is a collection of the material written by the band between the release of their first and second albums. It contains tracks from the band's first three singles (with the exception of "Crystal Clear") and two new tracks.

EP (Luna EP)

EP is an EP by Luna.

EP (The 77s EP)

EP is an EP by American rock band The 77s released in 1999 on the band's own Fools of the World label.

EP (Mogwai EP)

EP is an EP by Scottish post-rock group Mogwai, released in various countries in 1999.

EP (Hope & Social EP)

EP is an EP by Hope&Social, released in 2008. Available on CD and as a digital download, this was Hope&Social's first release under that name; they were formerly known as Four Day Hombre.

EP (Crystal Antlers EP)

EP is the first release by Crystal Antlers. It was self-released on 9 February 2008 and has subsequently been re-released on Touch and Go Records. It was produced by The Mars Volta keyboardist Isaiah "Ikey" Owens.

EP (Red Flag EP)

EP is an extended play by the American synthpop band Red Flag. It is the second album which was released by their own label, Plan B Records.

EP (Childish Gambino EP)

EP is the first EP by American rapper Childish Gambino.

EP (Matchbox Twenty EP)

EP is an extended play by American alternative rock band Matchbox Twenty. The EP comprises six songs, five of them being live and acoustic versions of songs from the band's previous three albums. The final track is the previously unreleased "Suffer Me". EP also includes an enhanced CD of a performance by the band at The Troubadour.

Usage examples of "ep".

Mahnmut used sonar and EPS to check the lenticulae and navigation leads still some eight thousand meters above him.

In fact, he knew he would have to do something about it or his unbesmirched record at the school would be ruined, which accounted for the quick drive out to Epping Forest in the lunch hour.

Other seats were taken up by several men referred to as Verderers of Epping Forest, and a few members of the community considered important enough to be invited along.

Damn it, he thought, why couldn't the Cardies have built a safe, reasonable EPS system into the station instead of their usual, cheap microwave array?

Unfortunately, Epping Forest was close enough to London for them to get the willies again.

Charles Denison, Head Keeper of Epping Forest, was content on this fine, October morning.

It wasn't very often that their school organised a day out at Epping Forest's Conservation Centre, so it was a special treat for them.

The Epping New Road ran straight through the forest, but he would have to turn off onto one of the quieter roads branching into the forest itself.

He remembered reading once, long ago, the theory of how the rolling hills of Epping Forest had been formed.

The Centre itself - the Epping Forest Conservation Centre, to give it its full title - was only opened nine years ago, so it's still in its youth.

Before Fender had branched off, he had noticed the sign pointing towards The Warren's offices and realised the forest's administrative staff were kept separate from the main house in which Edward Whitney-Evans, the Superintendent of Epping Forest, lived.

The Epping New Road, with its heavy traffic, was completely screened from the house by trees and shrubbery.

Now what have you been up to there in Epping Forest Seems you've stirred things up.

There hadn't been much to survive, for the nearest shop was under two miles away, and wild lions, tigers and crocodiles were not reputed to inhabit that part of Epping Forest.

He and the head keeper, Denison, had spent the morning touring Epping Forest, visiting various farmsteads, private dwellings and official organisations within the area, looking for rodent signs, questioning the many occupiers.