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EOM may refer to any of the following.

Usage examples of "eom".

No eom beam could be driven through a warp point, but it was quite possible to build deep-space relay stations within star systems.

For an instant, she felt as small and frail as her appearance suggested, but her finger touched a stud on her chair arm, and she heard Tsing's breath hiss as her eom panel to it with the face of Captain Wang Chung-hui, commander of Longbow's Marine detachment.

Admiral Ashigara regarded Hah from her eom screen, and Han watched her left hand play with her empty right cuff in the nervous gestu she'd developed since Bigelow.

She turned her head slightly, glancing at Commander Tomanaga and Lieutenant Reznick on her eom screen.

He strode onto the flag bridge, Desai and *oshinaka on his heels, as a eom rating looked up with a signal from Krait that confirmed the orders he had anticipated.

Bryce sounded wooden, and she realized he'd been watching his minute eom screen.

The battlegroup's CO'S attended via eom links to their command decks and looked, ff possible, even grimmer than her staff.

Remko glanced at his elegant flag eaptain from the corner of one eye, then turned to his eom officer.

Remko watched the drifting data codes as he waited for the eom link to be established.

She could entrust her own force to no one eiseit had to be under her direct control, with no eom lag-and she needed Magda for the job she had, which to eft Jason for what was actually the most ticklish aspect of Operation Actium.

A strange eom rating looked up at her, eyes puzzled, and Hart choked back a sob of grief for the people aboard Arrarat.