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EOI can stand for:

  • Economic Opportunity Institute, a not-for-profit public policy organization based in Seattle, Washington
  • Eday Airport, an airport in Scotland with IATA code EOI
  • Egyptian Olympiad in Informatics, the Egyptian version of the International Olympiad in Informatics
  • Encyclopaedia of Islam, an encyclopaedia of the academic discipline of Islamic studies
  • End of interrupt, a type of computer signal
  • EOI Business School, a Spanish business school
  • Escuela Oficial de Idiomas, a Spanish network of language schools
  • European Ombudsman Institute
  • Exhaust Over Intake, a type of combustion engines
  • Export-oriented industrialization, an economics term
  • Expression of Interest, a business expression indicating an intent to bid
  • Evidence of Insurability, a standard form in (primarily U.S.) insurance industries that serves as proof that an applicant qualifies for certain insurance coverages