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det. (eye dialect of any English)

Usage examples of "eny".

When Eny saw the big cuddlesome lump collapsed on her bed, crying night and day, her face swollen and ill-looking, scarcely able to speak for grief, her impulse might have been to shake the girl till her teeth bounced in her head.

Chaunceller, alle doctours, maistres, other graduats, alle studients, alle scholers, and alle clerkes, dwellyng within the precint of the Universite, of what condicion, ordre or degree soever they be, every dailly continuell servant to eny of theym bifore rehersed belonging, the styward of the Universite wyth their menyall men, also alle Bedells with their dailly servants and their householdes, all catours, manciples, spencers, cokes, lavenders, povere children of scolers or clerkes, within the precinct of the said Universite, also alle other servants taking clothing or hyre by the yere, half yere, or quarter of the yere takyng atte leste for the yere vi.

Producing prog eny with one of unendowed blood was not part of her plans, nor would it ever be.

Eny, but she was more shaken by the news that Bids was employed in a bank.

The waitress brought more tea, Bids all the time gazing at Eny with a direct shining look.

Fort was not to hev eny public man of the present day resemble him to eny alarmin extent.

  Iss like flotin in2 thi erf & thi sky @ thi time, becomin a line not a point, plumin thi depths & assendin thi hites & then branchin out like a tree, like a plane tree, like a hooj bush interminglin wif every bit ov thi erf & thi sky, & then iss like every 1 ov those bits isnt juss a bit ov erf or a molicule ov air eny more, iss like ol ov them is suddenly a littl system ov ther own.

  The minit he reached the fireplace he jumpt up, brusht the soot out of his eyes, and yelled: "Don't make eny pintment at the Spunkville postoffiss till you've read my papers.

Wiznae in the mood fur eny nonsense, so I took a swipe at it with ma sord and chopt one of its wings aff.

Lookt like thayd been in sum big battul or sumhin, only they didnae have eny skars on thayre faces or bodys.

If he were to slip down Enys Quay he could be out of there before they knew.

  Ol ov which mite sound familyir 2 eny studints ov history & juss goze 2 sho that sum fings nevir chainj, leest not when theez pluckin hoomins desined thi orijinil sistim.

  Iss not a problim cos u can put eny old rubish thru practikly anyfin evin a chile's toy computir & get it 2 cum out speld perfictly & gramatisized 2 & evin improvd 2 thi poynt whare yood fink u waz Bill bleedin Shaikspir by thi langwidje.

  U r evin a bit fritind about wakin up eny moar in case thers sum sorta unplesint surprise in stoar, but then u fink, wel, Im never goan no whots goan on unless I do wake up, & so u do.

  Asoora sez it doan matir nway as thers uthir lifts they ½nt fownd, tho we shuden b in eny hury 2 yoos thoas juss yet.