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vb. (en-past of: entre)

Usage examples of "entred".

This they all engag’d to do, and entred into Writings or Covenants to do so.

Being afterwards Examined about it, he Confessed, That at that very Instant when the Brand entred the Cows Horn, exactly the like burning Brand was clap'd upon his own Thigh.

And at last the Devil in likeness of her Child came to her bed side and talked with her, and asked to come into the bed to her, and she received it into the bed to her that night and several nights after, and so entred into covenant with Satan and became a Witch.

We conceive not these Urnes to have descended thus naked as they appear, or to have entred their graves without the old habit of flowers.

He then recalled that the bouncer had jumped down when they entred the city.