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vb. (en-past of: ensure)

Usage examples of "ensured".

If the United States ensured their security, provided substantial economic support, and assisted in the creation of a stable, inclusive, and pluralist Iraqi political system, it seems quite likely that the Iraqi people would approve of the U.

Titus Didius had ensured all was quiet in Nearer Spain before he departed, having waged a thorough war and utterly exhausted the Celtiberian natives.

The CIA developed an extremely conservative new covert action plan that, above all else, ensured that an operation would not blow up in its face, and it resisted efforts to do anything else.

Even the rank and file are ensured better living standards than their counterparts in the regular armed forces or in civilian life.

So he had ensured the election of two staunch followers in Norbanus and Scipio Asiagenus and then given himself the governorship of Italian Gaul in order to keep an eye on things and be in a position to act the moment it became necessary.

He concentrated upon informing Chrysogonus of traitorous talk or actions, and thus succeeded in having his elder brother Quintus proscribed, after which he ensured that his brother-in-law Caecilius was proscribed.

Thrace conquering the Bessi and taking boat rides down the Danubius all the way to the sea, he would have ensured that Curtius was prosecuted himself.

The consulship was only two years away in time, and among his fellow praetors were Publius Scipio Nasica and the Lucius Flaccus who had enough influence to have already ensured he would be governor of Asia Province the following year.

There are going to be two Roman noblewomen in that house whose virtue has to be ensured, so there can be no handsome tutors living there as well.

Greek communities to do his dirty work for him, he ensured that they too would bear the blame.

Sulla only been willing to bribe heavily, he might have ensured success in the curule elections, as the climate was exactly right for bountiful bribery.

Rhys Michael had declined to cooperate, the great lords had decided very early that it was sufficient for their purposes merely to keep the king alive until some willing surrogate ensured that the queen did, indeed, bear offspring that would be taken for Haldane.

The guards took only bored note of her return, and a brief word with each ensured that the two men soon to arrive would not be challenged.

Hundreds of deer roamed the rolling, tree-dotted landscape, and the sheer scale of the area ensured relative privacy for its few visitors.

McKinley and the business community began to sec that their object, to get Spain out of Cuba, could not be accomplished without war, and that their accompanying object, the securing of American military and economic influence in Cuba, could not be left to the Cuban rebels, hut could be ensured only by U.