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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Ensoul \En*soul"\, v. t. To indue or imbue (a body) with soul. [R.]


vb. To give a soul or place in the soul.

Usage examples of "ensoul".

In this respect, the difference between ensouled creatures and plants is that, what is harmful to plants is natural for men and animals: when taking nourishment the latter are able to bring about quickly and purposefully a transformation of matter into the purely dynamic state.

The Christ with the bridesister, moisture of light, born of an ensouled virgin, repentant sophia, departed to the plane of buddhi.

Like the way she ensouled that dweomer image of the wolf and sent it after Baruma - or did she tell you about that?

It is here, if anywhere, that body or substance is guilty of the contradiction in terms of combining with that which is without material substance and cannot, therefore, be conceived by us as passing in and out with matter, till the two become a body ensouled and a soul embodied.

The Midwives believe that only those who perceive their own humanity and perceive that others have the same become ensouled.