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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Ensete is a genus of monocarpic flowering plants native to tropical regions of Africa and Asia. It is one of the two genera in the banana family, Musaceae, and includes the false banana or enset ( E. ventricosum), an economically important food crop in Ethiopia.

Usage examples of "ensete".

Elected Tribune 150 Brings forward an Agrarian Law 150 Opposition of the landowners 150 The Tribune Octavius puts his veto upon it 150 Deposition of Octavius 151 The Agrarian Law enseted 151 Three Commissioners elected 151 Distribution of the treasures of Pergamus among the Roman people 151 Renewed opposition to Tiberius 151 He becomes a candidate for the Tribunate a second time 151 Riots 152 Death of Tiberius 152 132.

Most are still grown mainly just in Ethiopia and remain unknown to Americans including Ethiopia's narcotic chat, its banana-like ensete, its oily noog, its finger millet used to brew its national beer, and its tiny-seeded cereal called teff, used to make its national bread.