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Enright is a family name, possibly derived from the Irish "Innreachtaigh", "Irraghty", or "indrecht".

People whose family name is or was Enright include:

  • Anne Enright, Irish novelist
  • Barbara Enright, professional poker player
  • Barry Enright, professional baseball starting pitcher for the Arizona Diamondbacks
  • Corey Enright, Australian Rules footballer playing for the Geelong Football Club
  • Derek Enright, British Labour Party politician
  • D. J. Enright, British academic, poet, novelist and critic
  • Edmund Enright, Irish singer-songwriter better known as Mundy
  • Elizabeth Enright, American children's author and illustrator
  • James Enright, American professional basketball referee
  • Jo Enright, British comedian and comic actress
  • Leo J. Enright, Irish broadcaster and veteran space commentator
  • Olwyn Enright, Irish Fine Gael politician
  • Michael Enright (disambiguation)
    • Michael Enright (actor) — British actor and volunteer for Kurdish forces
    • Michael Enright (broadcaster) — Canadian radio broadcaster
    • Michael Enright (politician) — Irish Democratic Left politician

Usage examples of "enright".

Montagu Norman to Patrick Fred Herbert, bailiff, quoted by Ashley Cooper, quoted in John Enright in interview with London Record, 31 May 1952.

That evening, at dinner in the sooted kitchen, he opened a newspaper and saw the name of Roger Enright in the lines of a gossip column.

She thought of the man before her, who spoke about the total passion for the total height and about protecting skyscrapers with his body--and she saw a picture on a page of the New York Banner, the picture of Howard Roark looking up at the Enright House, and the caption: "Are you happy, Mr.