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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Enow \E*now"\ A form of Enough. [Archaic]
--Shak. [1913 Webster] ||

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

Old English genoge (plural adjective), from genog (see enough). By Johnson, regarded as the plural of enough.


a. (context archaic English) enough adv. (context archaic English) enough

Usage examples of "enow".

It had not been possible for him to travel so far, swiftly enow to give Sigebert this warning in the flesh.

When we show him our offspring of your enchanted chain, lord King, there will be no sailing fast enow for Ketil!

Ere dawn, the Danes and Armoricans found a tiny islet barely large enow to boast a cove in which three galleys could lie hidden.

Even so, there was doubt enow to make his villainous heart beat high with the excitement of the gamble.

Mayhap they wished to remain behind the girl with her flock, for she was more than pretty enow to distract the attention of the guards at the gate.

Soundly were they bumped along the ground, and glad enow were the Witches to have gotten those great fighters scotched at last.

Ere I begin, summon them all to this part of the walls: a look-out is enow to shield you of the other parts from any sudden onslaught, which besides I swear to you is clean without my purpose.

How thinkest thou, Ravnor: if King Gaslark come not, hath Lord Spitfire force enow to cope them alone?

Demonland, and more and more must the castle hold of its own strength only, for there were not whole men left enow to man the walls.

For heavily enow was his wrath fallen on some who rashly flaunted in his face their light disports, presuming to hunt in such fields while their lord went still a-fasting.

Is there not in the wild benefit of nature instances enow to laugh this folly out of fashion?

I hired a dress, and betook me, shivering, to the High Street, too well aware that my form and appearance would soon draw me suitors enow at that throng and intemperate time of the Parliament.

I did all I could to dissuade him from going to the wars: I told him there were men enow that were good for nothing else but to be killed, that had not the love of such fine ladies.

That was assurance enow of his shut mouth, and less like to attract attention than his death or disappearance.

In minutes it was a large yellow glow bright enow to be visible for miles of a clear night.