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Usage examples of "engin".

The difficultie and danger he told the Salvaves, of the Mines, great gunnes, and other Engins, exceedingly affrighted them, yet according to his request they went to James towne in as bitter weather as could be of frost and snow, and within three days returned with an answer.

Then Parky stands up and shakes his hand and motions for Engin to sit down, which he does with another of those self-deprecatory smiles, adjusting his suit as he wriggles into the leather chair, settling himself down comfortably.

Him therefore now the obiect of his spightAnd deadly food he makes: him to offendBy forged treason, or by open fightHe seekes, of all his drift the aymed end:Thereto his subtile engins he does bendHis practick wit, and his faire filed tong,With thousand other sleights: for well he kend,His credit now in doubtfull ballaunce hong.

Those same against the bulwarke of the SightDid lay strong siege, and battailous assault,Ne once did yield it respit day nor night,But soone as Titan gan his head exault,And soone againe as he his light withhault,Their wicked engins they against it bent:That is each thing, by which the eyes may fault:But two then all more huge and violent,Beautie, and money, they that Bulwarke sorely rent.

As when that diuelish yron Engin wroughtIn deepest Hell, and framd by Furies skill,With windy Nitre and quick Sulphur fraught,And ramd with bullet round, ordaind to kill,Conceiueth fire, the heauens it doth fillWith thundring noyse, and all the ayre doth choke,That none can breath, nor see, nor heare at will,Through smouldry cloud of duskish stincking smoke,That th'onely breath him daunts, who hath escapt the stroke.

Sulphurous and Nitrous Foame They found, they mingl'd, and with suttle Art, Concocted and adusted they reduc'd To blackest grain, and into store conveyd: Part hidd'n veins diggd up (nor hath this Earth Entrails unlike) of Mineral and Stone, Whereof to found thir Engins and thir Balls Of missive ruin.

The staser swung round to cover Engin. 'Now—bring me the Sash, you old fool, or you'll get the same!

Engin was old, even for a Time Lord, not only in the number of his regenerations but in the physical age of his present body.