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Engen (延元) was a Japanese era of the Southern Court during the Era of Northern and Southern Courts after Kemmu and before Kōkoku, lasting from February 1336 to April 1340. Reigning Emperors were Emperor Go-Daigo and Emperor Go-Murakami in the south and Emperor Kōmyō in the north.

Engen (surname)

Engen is a surname of Scandinavian origin which may refer to:

  • Alf Engen (1909–1997), Norwegian-American skier and skiing school owner/teacher
  • Asbjørn Engen (1917/1918–1985), Norwegian newspaper editor and organizational leader
  • Bjarte Engen Vik, former Norwegian Nordic combined athlete
  • Chris Engen (actor), American actor
  • Corey Engen (1916–2006), captain of the U.S. Nordic ski team at the 1948 Winter Olympics
  • Hans Engen (1912–1966), Norwegian journalist, diplomat and politician for the Labour Party
  • John Engen, mayor of Missoula, Montana
  • Sverre Engen (1911–2001), Norwegian-American skier, ski coach, ski area manager and film-maker

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