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Engel means angel in some Germanic languages and may refer to:

Engel (song)

"Engel" ( German for "Angel") is a song by German Industrial metal band Rammstein. The song was released as the first single from their second album Sehnsucht. An English version of Engel can be found on US special editions of the Sehnsucht album.

Engel (role-playing game)

Engel (German for angel or angels) is a role-playing game. The original German version uses a rule system in which the Gamemaster and players draw associative, tarot-like cards instead of rolling dice to determine the outcome of an event (this system is called the Arcana system in the original German version). The English version of "Engel" does not include the Arcana system at all; it is based on the d20 System instead. The German version includes d20 rules in addition to the Arcana system. The game was published by the German publisher Feder&Schwert (translates: "Feather&Sword"), who also published the World of Darkness RPG series in Germany and are now publishing the Dungeons & Dragons series.

Engel (band)

Engel is a melodic death metal band with alternative and industrial influences from Gothenburg, Sweden. They are currently signed to Gain Records/Sony.

Engel (surname)

Engel is a German surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Adam Engel, baseball player
  • Albert J. Engel (1888–1959), U.S. Representative from Michigan
  • Albert J. Engel, Jr. (1924–2013), American jurist
  • Andreas K. Engel (born 1961), German neuroscientist
  • Barbara Engel (born 1952), German fashion designer
  • Beverly Engel, psychotherapist
  • Carl Engel (1883–1944), French-born US composer
  • Carl Engel (musicologist) (1818–1882), German-born English writer on music
  • Carl Ludvig Engel (1778–1840), German-born Estonian/Finnish architect
  • Charles Engel, American economist
  • David Engel (actor), Broadway singer, dancer, and actor
  • David Engel (historian), US Holocaust historian
  • Eliot Engel, U.S. Representative from New York
  • Erich Engel (1891–1966), German actor
  • Ernst Engel (1821–1896), German statistician
  • Franz Engel (naturalist) (1834–1920), German explorer
  • Friedrich Engel (mathematician) (1861–1941), German mathematician
  • Friedrich Engel (SS officer) (1909–2006), officer
  • Georgia Engel (born 1948), US film and television actress
  • Greg Engel (born 1971), American football player
  • Johann Christian von Engel (1770–1814), Hungarian historian
  • Karl Dietrich Leonhard Engel (1824–1913), German musician and writer
  • Heinfried Engel (born 1947), German pole vaulter
  • Howard Engel (born 1932), Canadian mystery writer and producer
  • Jerzy Engel (born 1952), former Polish football manager
  • Joel Engel (composer) (1868–1927), Russian-born Jewish composer
  • Joel S. Engel (born 1936), US engineer and scientist
  • Johann Jakob Engel (1741–1802), German philosophical writer
  • Josef Engel (born 1942), Czech wrestler
  • Josef Engel (anatomist) (1816–1899), German anatomist
  • Jules Engel (1909–2003), American filmmaker, artist
  • Julius Engel (1842–1926), German judge and politician
  • Karl Engel (1923–2006), Swiss pianist
  • Karl Engel (footballer) (born 1952), Swiss football goalkeeper
  • Karl Dietrich Leonhard Engel (1824–1913), German composer and writer
  • Lehman Engel (1910–1982), US composer and conductor
  • Marian Engel (1933–1985), Canadian novelist
  • Maro Engel (born 1985), German auto racing driver
  • Michael S. Engel (born 1971), US paleontologist and entomologist
  • Natascha Engel (born 1967), British Member of Parliament
  • Pál Engel (1938–2001), Hungarian historian
  • Richard Engel (born 1973), US television journalist and author
  • S. Morris Engel (born 1931), author, philosopher, and linguist
  • Volker Engel (born 1965), visual effects artist

Usage examples of "engel".

Calver would get up to walk to the aneroid, to stand with Captain Engels to stare at the instrument.

Hij kon er zijn Engels lekker mee oefenen en legde me veel dingen uit.

Reichstag refused to renew the antisocialist laws, Engels looked confidently to these two disciples to lead the SPD on the right course.

He had been told that Engels, whenever possible, left any and all dealings with the natives of Stree to his Chief Officer.

One sees how much, from the eighteenth to the twentieth century, the hegemonism of possessing minorities, unveiled by Marx and Engels, and the anthropocentrism dismantled by Freud are accompanied by europocentrism in the area of human and social sciences, and more particularly in those in direct relationship with non-European peoples.

In the cold placidness of postmodernity, what Marx and Engels saw as the co-presence of the productive subject and the process of liberation is utterly inconceivable.

I hope that you will draw a constitution that permits the facade of democracy while keeping the real power in the hands of qualified people like yourself and away from the Socialists like August Bebel and those readers of Marx and Engels.

  I think it's now fairly safe to say that the Annecy brothers and the would-be blowers-up of the royal palace are working in cahoots, or how else would the Annecys know that Rudolph Engel, who had been following all of the palace gang's intermediaries, had been done in and delivered to the morgue?

Such an approach has nothing to do with the method of Marx, Engels, Lenin and Trotsky, who always gave a clear and honest characterisation of the ideas of their opponents, in order to answer them.

Pacing this brightly lit area for what seemed hours, worried about his friend, preoccupied with a dozen other trains of thought, he was vaguely aware that he'd been wondering, all along, why a corridor should be forty meters wider than the suburban streets of Walton Beach, the Florida-panhandle bedroom community for nearby Humphrey Field (also known as Engels Auxiliary #9) where he and his family had lived the last six years.

Engels gives them cab fare to get back to their cars, which were all parked next to cocktail bars.

Others had adopted the dialectical materialism of Engels and Haldane (and had duly, dialectically, split into further fractious factions).

I handed Engels the paper sack containing the eggs and malted milks.

Engels pliably submitted and stared at him impassively, until Dudley's right hand crashed into his solar plexus.

Cabaret evenings were organized with Karl-Heinz Engels, and they were always monitored by our Russian politruk, Black Nena.