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n. Roman alphabet ŋ: The Latin-based letter formed by combining the letters ''n'' and ''g'', used in the International Phonetic Alphabet,,, and some Australian aboriginal languages. In the IPA, it represents the voiced velar nasal, the ''ng'' sound in running and rink.

Eng (letter)

Eng or engma ( capital: Ŋ, lowercase: ŋ) is a letter of the Latin alphabet, used to represent a velar nasal (as in English sii) in the written form of some languages and in the International Phonetic Alphabet.


ENG, Eng, or eng may refer to:

  • Eng (letter) or Ŋ or ŋ
  • E.N.G., a Canadian television drama
  • Eng Lake, a lake in Minnesota
  • Empty net goal, scored against team whose goaltender has been assigned tasks elsewhere on the rink
  • Endoglin, a protein
  • Engineer
  • Engineering
  • England's Chapman code
  • English language's ISO 639 code
  • Electronic news-gathering
  • Electronystagmography, a medical test that can help diagnosis eye and balance problems
  • Ng (surname) or Eng, a surname
  • Velar nasal or eng, a phoneme
  • Eng, Tyrol, an exclave in Tyrol, Austria
  • ENG (calculator mode), a mode and indicator on calculators to invoke engineering notation

Usage examples of "eng".

So he sits there all night next to the body in the middle of this sort of desert, the Chorasmian waste he calls it, while all around these armies are busy doing what armies do, one of the saddest scenes in Eng.

That English line looked pitifully small, perhaps because its men- at-arms were on foot and so took up much less room than mounted knights, yet Sir Guillaume grudgingly acknowledged that the Eng- lish King had chosen his position well.

I think I saw this land of curve once, on a blackboard, when a class in non-Euclidean geometry had used the room before my own class in Eng Lit Pope to Swinb.

In a moment the polished Eng- lish gentleman reverted to the naked ape man.

They had to have a reference point, a tiny island in the vast dark which they could share with whatever they might produce out of their neuron fibers, and Eng multipliers.

Drs Eng and Royston, who taught the meat of the course, announced at the beginning of the session that the mid-term papers had been graded and were ready to be returned.