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energy state

n. a definite stable energy that a physical system can have; used especially of the state of electrons in atoms or molecules; "according to quantum theory only certain energy levels are possible" [syn: energy level]

Usage examples of "energy state".

Essentially, tidal pumping induced through combined electrical and gravitational forces in a hot plastic body of the kind Venus was theorized to have been would drive an initially eccentric orbit toward a minimum-energy state, circularizing it much more rapidly than anything in conventional theory permitted.

If it has joined with a nucleus to become part of an atom, and if it makes a transition from one energy state to another, the energy of the transition will be less than that of the same transition measured in a laboratory here on Earth, because the mass involved is less.

Any number of these electron pairs can be in the same low-energy state.

Whilst in this energy state I heard music in an entirely different way: there were shafts of colour changing with every tone, and it seemed as though the colour itself was indeed the music.

Since the electrons are already in a high-energy state, you gain a lot of power efficiency right there.

The neutron was pulled into the atom's center, changing the energy state of the host nucleus and kicking it into an unstable state.

The precise energy state of these electrons identified both the element and the isotope of the source.

They found it a real kick to chew certain green leaves with actual teeth and feel the profound effect on a finite being, and if you overdosed, you could always dissolve to energy state to detoxify.

It was obviously some kind of graphic script, but in Her/Their low energy state She/They was unable to decipher it.

Sidney Coleman was one of the first to make the point, that there is no way for us to be sure our present vacuum is in the lowest possible energy state.

Inside the web, transforming from one energy state to another, she felt the presence of the Dragon.

Both the light-headedness and my stomach were letting me know of my low energy state.