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abbr. enclosure (qualifier indicating that a letter is accompanied by further material English)


ENC may refer to:

  • The Eastern Nazarene College, a college of the liberal arts and sciences located in Quincy, Massachusetts
  • Eastern North Carolina, the eastern third, the coastal plains, of the state of North Carolina
  • The effective number of codons, a measure to study codon usage biases in genes
  • An electronic navigational chart, a database for use with an electronic chart display and information system (ECDIS)
  • A European Nations' Cup (disambiguation), one of three competitions in either field hockey or rugby
  • Equivalent Noise Charge, the number of electrons one would have to collect from a silicon sensor in order to create a signal equivalent to the noise of this sensor
  • The ENC Network, a PhD and Masters training network of seven European Neuroscience Centers
  • An external node classifier used with Puppet configuration management software is an executable that can be queried and return information on hosts to be managed