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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Emulous \Em"u*lous\, a. [L. aemulus. See Emulate.]

  1. Ambitiously desirous to equal or even to excel another; eager to emulate or vie with another; desirous of like excellence with another; -- with of; as, emulous of another's example or virtues.

  2. Vying with; rivaling; hence, contentious, envious. ``Emulous Carthage.''
    --B. Jonson.

    Emulous missions 'mongst the gods.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

"desirous of equaling or excelling," late 14c., from Latin aemulus "striving, rivaling," in a bad sense "envious, jealous," from aemulari "to rival" (see emulation). Related: Emulously.


a. ambitious or competitive.

  1. adj. characterized by or arising from emulation or imitation

  2. eager to surpass others [syn: rivalrous]

Usage examples of "emulous".

With his cimeter in one hand and his buckler in the other, he ascended the outward fortification: of the thirty Janizaries, who were emulous of his valor, eighteen perished in the bold adventure.

Still, earnest-throated blackcap, throng The woods with that emulous gush Of notes in tumultuous rush.