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Emre is a Turkish male given name. It may refer to:

  • Emre Altuğ (born 1970), Turkish musician
  • Emre Aracı (born 1968), Turkish music historian, conductor, composer
  • Emre Aydın (born 1981), Turkish rock singer
  • Emre Aşık (born 1973), Turkish footballer
  • Emre Zafer Barnes (born 1988), Jamaican-Turkish sprinter
  • Emre Bayav (born 1987), Turkish basketball player
  • Emre Belözoğlu (born 1980), Turkish footballer
  • Emre Can (born 1994), German-Turkish footballer
  • Emre Can (chess player) (born 1990), Turkish Grandmaster chess player
  • Emre Çolak (born 1991), Turkish footballer
  • Emre Elivar (born 1976), Turkish concert pianist
  • Emre Gönensay (born 1937), Turkish politician
  • Emre Güngör (born 1984), Turkish footballer
  • Emre Güral (born 1989), Turkish footballer
  • Emre Gürbüz (born 1991), Turkish footballer
  • Emre İşçiler (born 1989), Turkish footballer
  • Emre Kartari, Turkish jazz percussionist
  • Emre Korkmaz (born 1986), Turkish actor
  • Emre Kızılkaya (born 1982), Turkish journalist
  • Emre Miyasoğlu (born 1981), Turkish writer
  • Emre Nefiz (born 1994), Turkish footballer
  • Emre Ozdemir (born 1981), Turkish editorial cartoonist and illustrator
  • Emre Özkan (born 1988), Turkish footballer
  • Emre Öztürk (footballer) (born 1986), German footballer
  • Emre Sabuncuoğlu (born 1976), Turkish classical guitarist
  • Emre Sahin, Turkish director
  • Emre Şimşek (born 1987), Turkish alpine skier
  • Emre Taner (born 1942), Turkish civil servant
  • Emre Torun (born 1993), Turkish footballer
  • Emre Yüksektepe (born 1991), Turkish footballer
Emre (Dark Matter)

Emre (Dark Matter) (or Emre [Dark Matter]) is a compilation album released on CD in a regular and limited edition version. The limited edition version was limited to a pressing of 500, in heavy card slipcase with a second booklet.

Emre (surname)

The surname Emre may refer to:

  • Erhan Emre, Turkish-German actor
  • Yunus Emre, Turkish poet
Emre (disambiguation)

Emre is a Turkish male given name.

Emre may also refer to:

  • Emre (surname)
  • Emre (Dark Matter), a music album