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Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

"person employed," 1834, from French employé (fem. employée), noun use of past participle of employer (see employ).


n. (alternative spelling of employee English)


n. (alternative form of employee English)

Usage examples of "employe".

The inmates of boarding-schools, factory girls, seamstresses, milliners, employes in manufacturing establishments, and all who sit and toil almost unremittingly twelve hours in the day, do not get sufficient exercise of all the muscles of the body, and are often troubled with obstinate constipation.

Now shal you know all the estate of our house, now shal you know the hidden secrets of my mistres, unto whome the powers of hel do obey, and by whom the celestial planets are troubled, the gods made weake, and the elements subdued, neither is the violence of her art in more strength and force, than when she espieth some comly young man that pleaseth her fancie, as oftentimes it hapneth, for now she loveth one Boetian a fair and beautiful person, on whom she employes al her sorcerie and enchantment, and I heard her say with mine own ears yester night, that if the Sun had not then presently gon downe, and the night come to minister convenient time to worke her magicall enticements, she would have brought perpetuall darkness over all the world her selfe.

Their relation of employer and employe seemed to mar the close intimacy of the old ties, and the older man looked forward eagerly to the time when his business plans should be carried to a successful climax and they would both leave the West for their eastern home.

The unpopularity of a late Vice-Resident had begun the movement of exodus, his native employes resigning court appointments and retiring each to his own coco-patch in the remoter districts of the isle.

It was this plan that, by giving Deck practically all of the trade from the hundreds of Company employes, had increased his business so rapidly.

Agnes had gone, though it was decidedly no part of her duty as one of the highest paid employes of the Novella.

I went up in the mountains to snoop around for a gold-mine-owner who thought his employes were gypping him.

The other employes probably don't really know anything, though it's a gut they could make some good guesses.