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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Empiricist \Em*pir"i*cist\, n. An empiric.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

"one who believes in philosophical empiricism," c.1700, from empiric + -ist.


n. an advocate or supporter of empiricism


n. a philosopher who subscribes to empiricism

Usage examples of "empiricist".

Thus, we do indeed want to try to avoid retrotension, but this still leaves us in a far different place from the empiricists, who stare blankly at the rose and wonder how the epistemological gap shall ever be bridged, as if they were staring at an alien creature materialized from a wholly different dimension.

The result is that from difficulty to difficulty, the plain conjunctive experience has been discredited by both schools, the empiricists leaving things permanently disjoined, and the rationalist remedying the looseness by their Absolutes or Substances, or whatever other fictitious agencies of union may have employed.

But empiricist theories themselves are actually making massive use of formal operational space, whose mechanisms, being not empirically obvious, are simply ignored (or rather, implicitly assumed even as the theory denies their existence).