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abbr. employee


EMP or Emp may refer to:

Usage examples of "emp".

Her weapon had been set to minimum airburst when the EMP hit them, but it had defaulted to contact fusing.

None of the reconnaissance Bolos in the direct path of the missile strike survived, but the chaos and massive spikes of EMP generated by the missiles which killed them had a disastrous effect on the missiles which had acquired the rest of the Battalion.

The blast destroyed every combat wasp submunitions friend or foe within a hundred kilometres, while its emp disabled an even larger number.

Apart from the limited range, the real vulnerability of the Triggers is their susceptibility to EMP.

Did Tev tell you this dampening field, or whatever it is, runs in pulses, very much like small EMP bursts?

It looks like they used something along the lines of an EMP to take out their communications.

A nuclear detonation in space might, from EMP effects - that's electromagnetic pulse.

Each time I fire a Hellbore, tens, even hundreds of floaters drop to the ground, their circuits fried by Hettbore-launch EMPs, or dissolve in fragments as point-defense lasers or high-velocity flechettes slash through them.

The electronic fuzing will probably have failed under the EMP attack, but the back-up mechanical detonators should still function.

Th’ mad Emp hae stuck his foot in th‘ drakh i’ whae’s goin’t on, young Sten.

But noo by th‘ Emp, thoo Ah hae an in’trestin’ run in wi‘ India Sierra as we w’re runnin’t th’ mission.

E’en though they’re retired, an‘ on th’ oots wi‘ th’ Emp, thae still hae been’t‘ Arundel a bit.

The resulting burst of gamma radiation produced an electromagnetic pulse, or EMP, that blew out every telephone, vid-screen, transformer, and electric sheep-shearer from Woomera to Sydney, and caused the sewage system in Melbourne to run backward.

Darman took out the stun grenade and the mini EMP: she might have droids in there, too.

EMP whites out the display for a moment as a four megaton blast torches off, fifty kilometres from the target.