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EML may refer to:

  • Eating Media Lunch, a New Zealand TV show
  • East Manchester Line, a tram line of the Manchester Metrolink
  • Echinoderm microtubule-associated protein-like proteins (for example EML1 and EML4)
  • Ecological Metadata Language, a metadata standard
  • Eesti Mereväe Laev (Estonian Naval Ship), the prefix of Estonian Navy ship names.
  • Election Markup Language, a standard for structured interchange of election data
  • [[E-mail#Filename extensions|.eml]], extension used for email files
  • Electronic Music Laboratories, a manufacturer of audio synthesizers
  • Emiliano-Romagnolo, ISO language code EML
  • EML Sidecars, a Dutch Sidecarcross and Quad manufacturer
  • Emotion Markup Language, a general purpose language
  • Environmental Measurements Laboratory of US government
  • Extensible ML, a programming language
  • Earth-Moon Lagrangian point, a special orbit in the Earth-Moon system