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Emin (esoteric movement)

The Emin or The Emin Society is an esoteric movement based on the work of Raymond Armin, known to members as "Leo". Originally, The Emin was named The Eminent Way or The Way. The movement arose in the 1970s in the wake of the New Age. The Template Network is a movement which offers activities inspired by the Emin philosophy.

Emin (surname)

Emin can be a surname of arabic ( Amin) origin.

Notable people with the surname include:

  • Mihail Eminovici (1850–1889), Romanian poet, philosopher, journalist and political activist. Considered to be one of the most salient figures in romanian history.
  • Joseph Emin (1726–1809), Armenian nationalist
  • John Emin (born 1951), Australian rules footballer
  • Tracey Emin (born 1963), British artist
  • Viktor Car Emin (1870–1963), Croatian writer
  • Fedor Emin (1735–1770) Russian poet and novelist (original name Mahomet-Ali Emin)
Emin (given name)

Emin is the Turkish and Azerbaijani version of the Arabic masculine given name Amin .

Notable people with the name include:

  • Ahmet Emin Yalman (1888–1972), Turkish journalist
  • Emin Agaev (born 1973), Azerbaijani retired footballer
  • Emin Agalarov (born 1979), Azerbaijani singer and songwriter, known as Emin
  • Emin Ahmadov (born 1986), Azerbaijani wrestler
  • Emin Aladağ (born 1983), Turkish footballer
  • Emin Amiraslanov (born 1982), Azerbaijani footballer
  • Emin Azizov (born 1984), Azerbaijani wrestler
  • Emin Boztepe (born 1962), Turkish martial artist
  • Emin Cihangir Akşit (born 1953), Turkish major general and NATO official
  • Emin Çölaşan (born 1942), Turkish investigative journalist
  • Emin Duraku (1918–1942), Albanian communist
  • Emin Fuat Keyman (born 1958), Turkish political scientist
  • Emin Garibov (born 1990), Russian artistic gymnast
  • Emin Gök (born 1988), Turkish volleyball player
  • Emin Guliyev (swimmer) (born 1975), Azerbaijani swimmer
  • Emin Halid Onat (1908–1961), Turkish architect and former rector of Istanbul Technical University
  • Emin Hüseynov (born 1978), Azerbaijani computer programming specialist and author
  • Emin Imamaliev (born 1980), Azerbaijani footballer
  • Emin Iskenderov (born 1976), Russian-French businessman
  • Emin Ismajli (born 1982), Albanian footballer
  • Emin Jafarguliyev (born 1990), Azerbaijani footballer
  • Emin Kadi, American fashion photographer, journalist, art director, and magazine publisher
  • Emin Makhmudov (born 1992), Azerbaijani-Russian footballer
  • Emin Milli (born 1979), Azerbaijani writer and dissident
  • Emin Nouri (born 1985), Swedish-Turkish footballer
  • Emin Fahrettin Özdilek (1898–1989), Turkish military officer and politician
  • Emin Pasha (1840–1892), Egyptian physician, naturalist and governor
  • Emin Quliyev (born 1977), Azerbaijani footballer
  • Emin Sabitoglu (1937–2000), Azerbaijani composer
  • Emin Bülent Serdaroğlu (1886–1942), Turkish footballer
  • Emin Sulimani (born 1986), Austrian footballer
  • Mehmed Emin (disambiguation)
  • Mehmed Emin Pasha (disambiguation)
Emin (Ottoman official)

An emin was an officer in the Ottoman empire; a "steward", the holder of an eminet, and often responsible for customs duties. Unlike a timar holder, an emin was a salaried official. Emins could operate outside the normal Ottoman bureaucracy; they were not necessarily Muslim.